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6 Tips to Help You Select The Right Calgary Home Builder

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So, you’ve made the decision to build a new home.

Navigating through the process of choosing the right builder, but the process is getting increasingly exhausting? We know. It’s not an easy job. With so many, apparently skilled, home builders in the city of Calgary, it can be tough to zero in on the right one.

Don’t worry though. We’re here to help.

By following the 6 tips mentioned below, you can expect to find the builder you’re looking for in no time.

Narrow Down on Your Wants
Every house is different, and so will be yours. Before you approach a builder, you must know what you exactly want. Depending on the needs of you and your family.

Major considerations include- area in square feet, number of rooms, specifications on outdoor space, floor plans, intended materials to be used and expected timeline for the completion of the project. This will allow you to narrow down on your list of builders as well, as every builder specializes in a different area.

Assess The Experience of The Builder
The number of projects the builder has completed, preferably successfully, is an important metric to consider when hiring one for a job.

Upon asking, the builder should allow you to visit their completed properties. There, you can assess the quality of work, and also get an insight into the kind of work the builder has undertaken so far. Usually, more experience means better work.

Look For Testimonials and Customer References
Reputable builders usually have customer testimonials on their websites, but if not you can always ask them directly. On the other hand, when you visit the previous works of the builder, you can ask the homeowners about their experience. Ideally, the builder’s work should be commendable if the word of mouth is good.

Have a Word With The Team
Exceptional builders always have a well-coordinated, skilled and knowledgeable team. On a visit to the builder’s office, try having a word with a couple of members of the team. Ask them questions.

They should be happy to help you with any doubts you may have, and shouldn’t make you run from person to person only because they lack answers. That’s a sign of poor professionalism.

One place where you won’t get that is at RareBuilt Homes Ltd. The exceptional team there has years of experience on their hands and would be more than happy to guide you about the process of home building.

Check for Licensing and Insurance
Not all builders need to have a license, but many do. Residential builders in Alberta are required to have a license to get permits to build new homes.

If your city or state requires builders to have a license, be sure to ensure the professionals you hire- have it. Also, ask for the necessary insurance the company needs to have. And what the insurance covers, in case of any loss or accidents.

Many components of a house-building project come with a warranty. And as required by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, home builders need to provide a warranty on their products.

These include a warranty of one year on labor and materials, two years on distribution, five years on building shells, and ten years on the building’s foundation and frame. You must ask your builders about the warranty they cover before the initiation of the project.

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