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Advantages of buying a custom home in Calgary

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Homebuyers are often confused about the kind of house they should opt for. The terms most builders use can be difficult for normal people to understand, and therefore it’s important to know the basic distinction between the types of houses.

All you need to know, at least initially, are the two major types of house builds- Spec & Custom.

Spec homes are essentially homes built in advance by the builder, with the speculation that they’ll be sold to the right buyer one day. The term spec, hence, comes from speculation. These types of homes are currently very popular, primarily because they’re quicker to move into when compared to other house types.

Custom homes, as the name suggests, feature a personalized build, accounting for the needs & demands of a particular client. They often stand out, as adhering to locality standards or housing trends isn’t a requisite, unlike spec homes. Here, the homebuyer is involved in the process from the beginning to the very end.

The idea of building a custom home has been receiving a lot of consideration in Calgary, and custom home builders are increasingly in demand.

If you’re still unsure as to the kind of house to choose, well, worry not. Here’s a list of advantages that’ll help you understand why custom homes come out to be the better alternative.

Make It Personal
Custom houses reflect the personality of the people they shelter. Every family member has different preferences, like an elaborate kitchen or a bigger washroom, and a custom house makes them possible. Skilled architects & qualified builders, such as Rarebuilt Homes, can help you bring your dream house to life.

Better Functionality
With a custom house, you have the liberty to choose a floor plan. Unlike spec homes, which don’t factor in the specific requirements of a client, custom homes prove to be much more efficient. You can call for a circular staircase or a full-wall bookshelf, whatever you like. Depending on your lifestyle, you can maximize the efficiency of every square inch.

Quality Of Material
You are often unfamiliar with the quality of material used when buying a pre-built home, and this is a huge problem that can cost you thousands of dollars in the future. When you’re personally involved, you can monitor every component of the house-building process & get yourself the best value for the money you’re investing.

Improved Energy Savings
Energy efficiency in households has improved tremendously in recent years. Old houses carry outdated infrastructure, compromising efficiency. In a customized home, you can install the latest appliances & energy-saving electricals, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in months. Additionally, you also have a smaller footprint. More so if you integrate solar panels into your architecture.

Choosing The Neighborhood Is Easier
It’s important where you stay, who your neighbors are, and the community around you. And therefore, choosing a place where you’re probably going to spend decades is a crucial decision. Pre-built houses don’t allow you to choose the best; either you don’t like the house, or the locality, or both. A custom house, on the other hand, gives you the liberty to choose the best in every aspect. Providing a safe place for your family.

Flexible Budget
Custom homes don’t have to be more expensive than pre-built ones unless you want them to. If you plan things right, it’s comparatively easier to fit a custom home into a budget than a spec one.

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