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Advantages of steel siding you must know while embarking on a siding project for your home

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Choosing the best quality siding is very important to land on the desired results and ensure that the siding project gives the best value for your hard earned investment. While both vinyl siding and steel siding are equally good options, steel siding has its own added advantages that makes it a better option over vinyl siding and other range of siding options while looking from several angles. Here we make a comparative study of vinyl and steel siding to ascertain which one is a better option for a siding project.

Weather protection

Weather is something that you cannot control as a building owner. You must take care of the environmental factors while choosing the siding material. Understanding the outcome, looks and durability of the siding material you are investing in is important to make the right choice.

Moisture damage

Moisture damage is one of the prime concerns among the different hazards faced by buildings. Moisture damage can happen due to heavy rains, seasonal humidity and snowy winters. With regard to moisture damage, the more durable option seems to be steel siding than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is more prone to invite molds, warps and cracks under moisture damage while steel is an incredibly stronger option for siding in moisture dominated installation environments.

Color fading

Sun and heat can have a negative bearing on vinyl siding resulting in the fading of color. Since most panels will not experience the same amount of exposure to direct sunlight, some sections of vinyl will fade faster than the others. When compared to vinyl, steel does not fade quickly. While vinyl siding can expand under extreme heat resulting in warps and buckles, steel siding withstands these factors more effectively.


When it comes to flammability, vinyl siding is more flammable. On the other hand, steel siding boasts of the best fire safety rating you can think of. Since a fire resistant exterior can keep you at peace, steel siding is a better option from this perspective.

Impact resistance

Steel siding is more resistant to impacts than vinyl siding. Accidents are unpredictable and many unexpected factors can cause impacts on the siding of your home. Collisions due to the falling of a tree branch or a carelessly driven vehicle can cause impacts on your siding. While vinyl siding can crack and snap under impacts, steel siding can withstand impacts in a much better way.

Color schemes

When it comes to color schemes, vinyl siding provides you a lot of options. If you have a particular unique color in mind, vinyl siding can be the right pick for you. However, when it comes to steel siding, you can find a lot of textured options mimicking real wood, many kinds of wood grains or other kinds of textures you can think of.


Vinyl is difficult to reuse. Steel siding material is made from recyclable materials and can be recycled once again after their life time. When it comes to investing in sustainable materials for your building, steel siding is a better option. Work with an accomplished siding contractor to bet the best results out of your steel siding installation project.

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