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How Do Pentair Reverse Osmosis Filters Work?

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When it comes to home drinking water filtration, RO or reverse osmosis filters can provide some truly incredible results. These filters can remove contaminants over 100 times smaller than what is achievable using conventional home filtration systems. If you are looking for a great RO system, then a Pentair reverse osmosis filter could be the perfect option for your home.

What is Reverse Osmosis
Osmosis is a process where water moves through a semipermeable membrane to try to balance the concentration of dissolved solid present on either side of said membrane. A reverse osmosis system reverses this process by introducing water containing dissolved solids to the input side of a cartridge containing a semipermeable membrane and pressurizing it until the input side contains only a small amount of water with a high concentration of dissolved solids and the output side of the filter contains filtered water. The nature of these membranes allows these filters to offer truly incredible results.

The latest Pentair reverse osmosis filtration system for home use is the ROM IV. This filter is designed to fit easily under most kitchen sinks and provides incredible water quality. Water is dispensed using a small dedicated air gap faucet. The ROM IV can filter up to 14 gallons of water per day and comes with a 4.5 gallon storage tank so you will always have a reservoir of freshly filtered water that is ready to use. These filters operate using 3 cartridges, which each perform a valuable function.

The first cartridge in the ROM IV is the pre filter cartridge. This cartridge contains filter media that is designed to fulfill two functions. First, it helps to remove any particularly large particles from your water, as these particles could damage the RO membrane in the next cartridge. It also helps to dechlorinate your water, as dissolved chlorine can eat away at the RO membrane, lowering its effectiveness.

RO Membrane
The middle cartridge is where the reverse osmosis process takes place. The ROM IV uses a high recovery filtration membrane, which helps to limit the amount of waste water left on the input side of the cartridge. Because these membranes are so effective, the ROM IV is one of the most efficient home RO systems on the market. This cartridge can remove and reduce the presence of contaminants that are over 100 times smaller than what conventional carbon based filter cartridges are capable of removing.

Post Filtration
The final stage in the process is a post filtration cartridge. The primary purpose of this cartridge is to remove any VOCs or volatile organic compound that might have made it through the filter membrane. VOCs are organic compounds with low boiling points that can be found in a wide range of products. Certain VOCs can have negative health impacts. These VOC cartridges use a very fine carbon based filter media. VOCs, like all organic compounds, are carbon based and activated carbon is especially effective at trapping and removing these contaminants.

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