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Benefits of Having a JUUL Portable Charging Case

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If one of your favorite ways to spend your free time is by vaping with your JUUL pen, then you have probably run into this situation before. You have been out for much of the day and your vape lost its charge before the vape liquid even got close to running low. It’s a pain but there is not much you can do about it except try to find an outlet nearby so you can recharge it quickly. And that is only if you have a USB charging cable with you. It might make your ears perk up to hear that you can avoid that scenario entirely. When you get the chance, pick yourself up a JUUL portable charging case to carry with you when you go out with your vape. It honestly makes a huge difference for anyone who likes to vape outside of their house. Just look at some of the benefits below.

Slim Easy to Carry
One thing that makes a JUUL portable charging case so convenient to bring with you everywhere is its size and shape. These charging cases are so slim and small that it can be tucked away into any one of your pockets. Their size and shape make it so that you can carry them with you when you go out without being bothered by something weighing you down or falling out of your pocket. This makes it easier to remember to bring with you when you go out because you know that it is no trouble to carry. You can finish charging it at home and just leave it in your bag for the next day without another thought.

Increase Your Vape’s Life
This is the true benefit of a portable charger for your vape isn’t it? You get to greatly extend the life of your JUUL pen’s battery while you are out in public. If you go out with your vape fully charged and you bring your portable charger with you, then you can essentially vape all you want for hours. Even if you forgot to charge your vape before you left the house, as long as you had your portable charger with you, you can use that and still vape. Having one on your person just ensures that you will be able to vape on-the-go whenever you feel like it.

Hold Onto Your JUUL
One last reason why getting a portable charging case for your JUUL is a good idea is that it gives you a place to securely hold onto your vape pen. As long as you leave it in its case, you will always know where your vape is. This is made even easier with the Vaportronix charging case because it also comes with magnetic steel plates that allow you to adhere your case to just about any flat surface like your car dashboard, desk, or even the back of your phone. You will not have to worry about misplacing your vape again.

Anyone who considers themselves to be a frequent vape user or at least someone who enjoys vaping a couple times a week would benefit from getting a JUUL portable charging case to use when they go out. It just relieves your mind of the concern that your JUUL’s battery will run low and allows you to enjoy vaping with one less thing to worry about. If vaping is how you choose to destress, then let’s make it even easier for you. Just remember to slip your JUUL portable charging case into your pocket or bag when you head out and feel a little more at ease about vaping on-the-go. These charging devices are easy to pick up for yourself as well. Just head over to and make vaping that much easier.


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