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What Are UVC Lamps and How Are They Used?

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When we think of disinfecting, especially during these times, we typically think of hand sanitizers, disinfecting sprays, anti-bacterial wipes, and other household cleaning products. For bigger space and warehouses, we typically assume that commercial-grade cleaning products will be used to kill off germs and bacteria.

But, what if there was another solution for killing bacteria on surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals in your home or workplace. Interestingly enough, there is, and that’s with the use of a UVC lamp. Who knew that you could effectively kill bacteria with the use of light.

These UVC lights, especially in times like these where we need as much disinfectant as we can get, are quite useful. As we grapple with a new reality that this pandemic has put us in, health organizations and other companies have had to adapt and think of new ways to combat this health crisis with whatever means necessary. The use of some science and light proved to be a great solution.

But how exactly does light kill bacteria? Here we are going to explain this and how these UVC lamps can be used. UVC radiation is most known for disinfecting air, water, and other nonporous surfaces. It has been used for many years as an effective way to reduce any spread of bacteria. If you’ve never heard of UVC lights before, they are also more commonly called “germicidal” lights.

You have probably heard of ultraviolet, UV, radiation before, as it can be measured on an electromagnetic scale. This type of radiation is common in your everyday life. When you microwave popcorn, use your cell phone to call someone, or get an X-ray at the hospital is when UV radiation is used. It’s not as harmful or scary as your think when hearing the term “radiation.”

In some cases like the ones listed above, this type of radiation is helpful and useful, just like germicidal or UVC lamps. However, the use of these types of lamps in the home must be closely monitored and extra precautions must be taken to prevent injury. Prolonged, direct exposure could cause eye or skin damage.

Most UVC lights designed for home use are made to give off a low dose of light, so most times there’s not a great risk of injury if using these lamps. Because it’s a low dose, it may take longer exposure to kill certain bacteria in a given area.

Commonly, lamps with UVC are inside of air ducts to disinfect the air, which is actually the safest way to use this lamp properly. If you must use this type of lamp at home, proceed with caution and do your own research.

If you are looking to find these germicidal lamps for your warehouse or business, try to find a supplier that has extensive knowledge of all things lightbulbs. That place would have to be Atlanta Light Bulbs. Check out their website at and explore all the UVC lights they have to offer.

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