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Non-Firing Replica Guns: All the Best Uses for Them

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Why spend the money on a historically accurate non-firing replica gun, perhaps even one that has a manipulable action and trigger, when you can get the real thing?

Well, for one, non-firing replica weapons are typically substantially more affordable.

For another, you can’t use the live weapon (at least legally or safely) for all of the following uses.

Just take a look for yourself.

1. Amateur filming/plays
Film and theater must be carefully coordinated, and in some instances, specifically in theaters, it might be either unsafe or prohibited to use live arms.

Also, in film, or on stage, there’s hardly a reason to carry the real thing since the effect is acting, anyway. You don’t need stopping power to cut a convincing caper on the screen. Save that for the field.

Ah, yes, and high-quality modern replicas of historic firearms, such as caplock and flintlock pistols and rifles are great for reenactments, such as for the Civil War or Revolution.

2. Photography
The same thing goes for photography. You can save money and take non-firing guns almost anywhere, legally, without concern – even in some places with restrictive firearm laws.

Just be careful, though. Some states have enacted legislation banning “convincing” replica firearms and pistol replicas – whatever that means.

3. Demonstrations, firearm safety, education
Need to show a group of people how a firearm works? Demonstrating safe handling and firearm etiquette, but not at a range, or are you in a place where it would be illegal or unsafe to openly carry a real firearm?

Non-firing replica guns may be exactly what you need, especially if you are showing novice shooters the ropes of safe handling and range expectations. It’s best to do that before you go, anyway.

Ranges can be distracting, loud, and intimidating, especially for people that have never been there before. Demonstrate safe handling with a prop before you go.

4. Educational props
Can’t get your hands on an original M1903 Springfield? Yeah, we feel you. Those things are in high demand, short supply, and expensive.

Good on you if you can find one. If you can’t you know what you probably can find?

A semi-realistic non-firing replica, maybe even one that has a realistic, operable action. It’ll also be cheaper than the real thing, too.

You can use that as an educational prop for students or as historical expos without needing to find a real one.

5. Creating historical displays/decor
Finally, one more mundane use of non-firing replica firearms is for displays or decor.

Don’t want to shell out a thousand dollars for a wall hanger? Don’t! Just get a replica instead. Who’s going to know the difference?

The same thing goes for historical displays and collections. If the purpose is not authenticity but image, then convincing replicas are as useful as the real deal.

Non-Firing Replica Guns Are in
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