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Should You Design Your Own Shoes?

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Having your shoes custom-made might sound like a quaint idea or something that only wealthy people can afford. After all, popular shoe companies have made a great effort to create a wide variety of models that fit every occasion and are ready to wear.

Mass production seemed to have killed the bespoke shoe industry in the collective mind. However, many online stores out there are taking advantage of online marketing and extended supply chains to offer you the ability to design your own shoes and imprint part of your personality on your footwear.

Remember that shoes are not there just to cover and protect your feet. They are an integral part of your outfit and a statement in their own right.

There are three kinds of commercially available shoes in general: RTW, MTM, and MTO, and all three offer different unique experiences for the wearer.

What Are RTW Shoes?
RTW stands for ready to wear, and are shoes that are finished and you can just walk into a store and wear them immediately. Mass-produced shoes are all RTW, but there are exclusive brands and designers who also offer RTW options. The problem with RTW is that the buyer does not have any input in them, so they can find that a lot of people are wearing the exact same pair of shoes at any given time. Also, ready-to-wear shoemakers do not care much about the impact their shoes might have on the feet of the wearer. They have default lasts, or foot-shaped molds, and build all of their models around it.

What Are MTM Shoes?
Made To Measure or MTM shoes are precisely that. This is the way old-fashioned shoemakers used to perform their craft. The customer would walk in, and the shoemaker would take the measure of each foot, create a last, and then start working on the shoe. The problem with this process is that it takes too long and usually makes costs go up as sculpting shoes for particular feet is incredibly hard.

Moreover, it does not guarantee you will get a perfect fit. Depending on how good you are at communicating your specific preferences, you will usually end up with a pair of shoes that won’t feel much better than your regular mass-produced shoes. MTM shoes tend to get better after the second or third pair, or when you establish a long-lasting relationship with your shoemaker as they become able to fit your mind as well as your feet.

Lastly, MTM does not guarantee you get a customized experience in terms of aesthetics. Many shoemakers and designers will use your measures to craft shoes based on predetermined designs.

What Are MTO Shoes?
These are shoes that are yet to be built but must be ordered by the customer who will provide his input in terms of customization. Thanks to the amazing advantages of online shopping, stores are now able to offer basic models, materials, soles, heels, and colors, and let buyers mix and match to their heart’s content. When you design your own shoes, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you get incredibly fun customization options that allow you to create something unique, yet you don’t need to go through several pairs of shoes to get a perfect fit.

I recommend Idrese for buying MTO shoes. Their unique designs and customization options are amazing, and they work with the best materials. They also cut the middlemen off the equation, allowing you to design your own shoes with high-end materials and make, without incurring extra costs. For those who need special measurements, they also give customers guidelines to provide all the necessary information they need for creating the perfect fit. Visit them today, or text us at 1 (213) 374-0724 for more information.

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