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Why You Should Try My Father Cigars

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As you delve further and further into the world of cigar-puffing, you start to catch on to all of the different brands there are and what each of them typically deliver and is best known for. Some brand names start to stand out more and more as you hear their names repeated or read their names in reviews and favorites lists. You keep an eye out for the best-reviewed cigar lines and brands and hope that when you are ready to try something from that brand as well, that it will meet your expectations. It can be a huge disappointment when the brand does not live up to its reputation and ends up hitting the wrong notes for you, but at least you have an opinion once you do try it. The curiosity is gone and you get to go on knowing how you feel about that brand or cigar line. One brand in particular that you may want to keep on your radar if you haven’t already heard about it is My Father Cigars. But first, let’s look at the company behind the cigar and see what makes My Father Cigars so talked about.

Company’s Background

My Father Cigars is a family-run business steeped in tradition. It all started with founder Jose Pepin Garcia opening a cigar factory and years later creating the brand My Father Cigars in 2008. Garcia grew up surrounded by cigars and became a master blender working for other cigar companies before starting his own business. He took everything he learned from his upbringing and hands-on experience about making quality cigars, from the wrap to the tobacco, to make his brand a hit. As time went on, his cigars earned more and more praise and accolades for their superior quality. Now, the company is run by Garcia along with his son and daughter, both of whom also grew up with a great knowledge of and appreciation for cigars.

Why Brand Loyalty Matters

If you were the type to only look at individual cigar lines, but never the brand, then this message is for you. Recognizing cigar brands matters just as much as recognizing the single cigar lines you enjoy. If you enjoy what a company produces and trust in their quality, then you would know that there is a good chance you will enjoy what they create consistently. It is a benefit to you to be able to check out a brand for new releases and feel confident that you could have a good experience with the latest product just like you have with the others. Every cigar might not be for you, but understanding the brand certainly gives you a better idea of what you can expect.

How to Try

To get your hands on My Father Cigars and satisfy your curiosity once and for all, there are a couple of good ways to see what they have to offer. You can first look at their samplers to get a well-rounded idea of what the brand does and what could be your personal favorite. You can try out this five-pack sampler and get a taste for a few different lines the brand offers. Of course, if samplers just aren’t for you, you can always hand pick a mix of individual cigars from their lines based on what you think you might like the best to give yourself a good chance of finding your new favorites.

Now you’ve learned a little bit more about the brand you may have known by name but never looked into thoroughly. My Father Cigars makes premium cigars of high quality, earning it its reputation in the industry. Looking at the array of different flavors the company offers across its product lines, there is no shortage of options for you to explore and possibly fall in love with. Don’t waste your time wondering if it is worth the hype when you can see for yourself. You can try out My Father Cigars online at Rocky’s Cigars, where they carry boxes, singles, samplers, and more from the brand.

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