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2 Brands of Cowboy Boots Made in the USA [And Where You Can Get Them]

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You can’t beat American grit, ingenuity, and engineering. The last century has been proof of that and there’s no more straightforward way to say it.

In this era, where many manufacturers send labor overseas to save on costs so they can pocket the returns, some manufacturers are still doing things the old-fashioned way: stateside, with hard work and vision.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of cowboy boots made in the USA, you’re in luck. Some of the industry’s top brands are still made here, including the following.

Double H Boot Company
Double H Boots are about as American as they come. For over 50 years, they have been made with pride in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Their boots use premium quality leather, and proven techniques like genuine Goodyear welts and many offer comfort or safety-enhancing features. For instance, many Double H Boots feature shock-absorbing insoles, non-metallic shanks, and electrical hazard protection.

Many Double H Boots also feature comfort enhancing features, such as orthotic insoles, and durable Oak ICE Rubber outsoles which improve traction in adverse conditions.

For many ranchers and laborers across the country, Double H Boots, which are available in a wide range of styles and patterns, represent a Made-in-America standard that is impossible to beat.

Abilene Boots
Abilene might be a newer entry on this list, but they still offer American-made excellence. Since 1980, Abilene Boots have produced some of the highest quality cowboy boots for both men and women.

Unlike many other western boot manufacturers, some of which only produce select lines in the United States, Abilene boots are all, without exception, made here.

They also keep to a commitment to offering “affordable quality,” in American-made cowboy boots, which is nice in an economy where prices seem to be consistently on the rise.

Most importantly, “affordable,” doesn’t have anything to do with cutting corners on quality. Many Abilene boots are made with genuine cowhide or bison leather and feature western heels and rubber outsoles for superior traction and stability in all conditions.

Not to worry, though, Abilene, like the other boot maker on this list, uses nothing but premium materials, including but not limited to high-quality genuine leather and cowhide.

Where Can You Get Cowboy Boots Made in the USA?
Ready for your next pair of western-style boots, but adamant about getting a pair of cowboy boots made in the USA? We can’t blame you and we know just where to look.

Jackson’s Western carries a huge range of cowboy boots and work boots for men, women, and children, and makes a concerted effort to carry American-made brands in a wide range of boot styles.

They carry a huge selection, too. Their outlet in Wayland, Michigan, has over 4,000 pairs in stock. We recommend visiting if you’re in their area because they offer free fitting and stretching with each purchase.

Even if you’re not, you can invest in American-made quality on their website – JacksonsWestern.com – or contact them at 269-792-2550.

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