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3 Types of Wholesale Rings to Buy for Your Shop

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Before purchasing wholesale rings for your store to sell, you want to take the time to figure out which styles you want. Rings come in a huge range of styles with different designs that make each one stand apart from the next. In order to have a solid idea of which styles you want your shop to offer, you will want to look at some of the more common styles of rings available, and why people choose them. With that information under your belt, you should be free and clear to start buying wholesale rings for your business. Let’s look at some of the styles of rings you will most likely want to offer.

Classic, Simple Styles
The first out of the different types of wholesale rings you want to buy is the simple, classic ring. This is the sort of ring that people would wear every day to school, work, or really anything. They are subtle and can be worn with just about any style of clothing, so they are easy to wear often. These rings would normally be made of some kind of metal with a stone accent at the center. Look for neutral metallic bands with clear stones and pearls since those are considered the most timeless. They should not draw too much attention, but still look nice at a closer glance.

Larger, Elegant Styles
More bold and dramatic statement rings are popular for special occasions like parties, events, or holidays. These types of rings will be more noticeable right away and feature large details. They will have more stones and ones that are larger to grab attention. They can be neutral, but might also include some rich pop of color to make it stand out more. These are typically worn less often but are worn for more particular occasions. If you know that your business caters to people shopping for special events like graduations, you might want to include more options for these kinds of rings. And the opposite goes if you know you do not cater to these customers.

Fun & Trendy
Of course, jewelry is not always about classic, sophisticated styles. Sometimes people just want to have fun with their accessories and choose ones that have brighter colors and more unconventional decorative elements. To keep up with these styles, you want to stay aware of the changing trends, or at least buy from a wholesale jewelry business that keeps inventory with new trends. These styles are constantly changing but can bring in lots of new eyes as a result. When shopping for wholesale rings, try to find styles that are more current with the changing trends so your store is always up-to-date and exciting for trendier customers to frequent.

Keep in mind that these categories of rings will still include plenty of different styles for you to choose from, but this should at least give you a good starting point for shopping. You can decide how many options for each category you want to offer and find the exact styles that fit that role. For more help in shopping wholesale rings, you will want to check out where they sell lots of wholesale accessories in all sorts of styles. You should be able to find what you are looking for there.

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