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Do Men´s Leather Dress Shoes Make You More Attractive?

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Is not a mystery for the discerning gentleman that donning our best shoes is essential to cause a great first impression. Men who care about their footwear and put on quality leather dress shoes, even for casual meetings or work, are usually more detail-oriented, responsible, or mindful of their surroundings.

This is not something that can be taught. It has to be experienced to be fully understood. I remember that, in my youth years, I used to wear the most comfortable sneakers I could find, and they would usually be all worn out and dirty as I was constantly riding a skateboard. You could tell by the way the grip tape destroyed the toe box and the soles.

Buying nice shoes was last on my list of priorities, and I didn’t feel the need to change my footwear. We had this good friend who would hang out with us but never skate. He was a bit younger than us and was never particularly well dressed, but he always had cool-looking brown boots or a pair of nicely kept loafers. He would drive us around and videotape our stunts and shenanigans, and we noticed that there were always girls next to him while we were doing our thing. They would even start casual conversations with him.

This one time, we went out with our friend to a cool café downtown. All of us were wearing some variation of jeans and sweaters. But our friend looked visibly more put together and was the only one wearing a pair of brown brogue leather dress shoes. The service went straight to him and offered a great level of attention. They were not mean to us or anything, but you could feel they were delighted to serve our friend.

Due to a previous agreement, it was my turn to foot the bill. However, as I was taking my badly battered wallet, I noticed the waiter was already talking to our friend and asking him if he would like to leave a tip.

That’s when it hit me. Shoes give out a signal that basically says: I´m in charge.

In fact, by wearing leather dress shoes men become instantly more attractive. It’s science!
According to a survey made in 2013, 64% of women judge our sense of fashion just by looking at our shoes, and more than half determine our personality based on our footwear.

Granted, a pair of men´s leather dress shoes does not guarantee that the person brings anything interesting to the table for ladies looking for something serious. However, they do increase your chances of a conversation. In other words, by wearing leather dress shoes men automatically get a foot in the door.

Of course, you need quality footwear that is certain to cause the right impression. Idrese makes the Goodyear welted leather dress shoes men esteem and women adore. They offer customized models made from full-grain Italian leather and crafted by famed workshops located in Spain. Order your pair today and let the world know you’re in charge.

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