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Easy Ways to Style African Print Clothing

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African print clothing is easy to admire; the vivid colors and graphic designs pop off of anyone’s skin tone. For a lot of people though, it can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you are not already used to wearing bold prints on a regular basis. There’s really nothing to worry about. Bold prints can be introduced into your everyday wardrobe with just as much ease as a solid color, but usually resulting in more fun. If you already found some beautiful pieces of African print clothing that you would like to wear more often, or if you think this is something you would like to try out one day, then we are here to help. This should give you some ideas for easy ways to style your African print clothing to match your tastes.


Styling tops are possibly the easiest because you can draw more attention to your top or pull focus from it to suit your preferences. Blouses are great for layering, so you can subdue the bold print with a cardigan or jacket thrown on top. Dress them up for a more special occasion kind of look and allow the print to shine, or make them more casual by wearing them with jeans. A fun addition to a simple jeans-and-T-shirt sort of look is a kimono top in an African style print. Even something as simple and comfortable as that could bring a lot of flair to your otherwise simple outfit.

Skirts & Pants

Wearing a bold print on the bottoms of your outfit seems to be a bigger concern for some people than a blouse. This is not a problem either. Although you have less room for layering, you can still easily subdue the boldness of a printed pant or skirt since the eye is not as drawn to them as it is to the upper body where we are closer to the face and eye level. You can easily get away with wearing an African printed skirt with a solid colored top to tone it down. You can also invite the strong summer vibes that African print clothing evokes, into any other season by switching into some fun printed pants. Stick to neutral and solid colors that are featured in the print for the rest of the look and you are good to go.


Where would the summer be without beautiful, bold prints in all sorts of colors? One of the good things about dresses is the ease of styling. Since you do not have to coordinate separates into one outfit, they do most of the work for you. You really can just pull a nice, lightweight dress off a hanger and throw it on before you head out the door. The bold print of the dress makes it more fun and seasonal to wear so that it does not feel strange at all to have a print from top to bottom.

From blouses to pants, skirts to dresses, you can easily style yourself in African print clothing without feeling out of place at all. You have so many options to choose from to find some cool new ways to work printed clothing into your life casually. Take a look at Advance Apparels for all kinds of silhouettes and styles of African print clothing.

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