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How To Shop For Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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With people becoming much more informed about the environment and the impact that our actions have on the market and the world around us, we are looking at everything we consume a bit differently. Every item that we buy has to come from somewhere and unfortunately, that means that there are often questionable steps involved in the process. It is not easy to be an ethical consumer, but it is certainly possible if you know where to shop.

All we can hope for is that larger companies will see what we want as consumers and meet our expectations down the line. Consumers vote with their money and can influence entire industries with their spending habits, pushing them to make more ethical decisions. So if we want to see more ethically produced or eco-friendly products, then that is where we should be putting our money.

Small everyday items like jewelry do not seem like much in the palm of your hand, but those purchases do add up. So you have to shop smart and think about what each purchase means. If you are shopping for jewelry, then try to make sure you are looking for sustainable and eco friendly jewelry.

How Does Jewelry Hurt the Environment?
The jewelry industry has a massive impact on the planet. Cheap plastic jewelry not only has an environmental cost during the manufacturing process, but also ends up as waste that will likely sit in landfills for many centuries to come.

Jewelry made from metals and gemstones are not much better. The sourcing of these materials leads to overmining, erosion, carbon emissions, chemical leakage and unethical labor practices. From gathering the necessary materials to actually creating the jewelry in factories, the planet suffers and all forms of life pay the price.

How Do You Find Eco Friendly Jewelry?
Although it can be tricky to successfully achieve, you can find eco friendly jewelry for sale. One thing to look out for is jewelry made from recycled metal like gold. This reduces the demand for freshly sourced materials, meaning less damage done to the environment.

You will also want to look for places that trace where their materials are sourced from so that they can see how the items are being removed from the earth and how the workers are being treated. Eco friendly jewelry is not always easy to find, but the positive impact it has on the environment makes it worth the search.

It might be a small action and a small item, but the impact has the potential to be huge. Jewelry purchased from questionable sources and fast fashion can and does actually harm the plant, so knowing how to avoid these items is important.

While a single purchase of eco friendly jewelry is not going to resolve the greater issue all on its own, it will be a part of the solution. You can take your money out of the hands of companies actively harming the world and instead bring that over to businesses that are trying their best to avoid such pitfalls. Every action has an impact and together, that can become something major.

Do your best to shop from ethical stores like ourCommonplace, which sells jewelry and all other kinds of products from businesses focused on sustainability.

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