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Should You Get a Fox Fur Coat or a Mink Fur Coat?

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Authentic fur garments are some of the most elegant, insulating, and truly stylish items in the fashion industry. But it’s not like these garments just surfaced fifty years ago; human beings have been wearing real fur items for thousands of years.

Our ancestors work real animal fur and pelts in order to keep themselves safe from the elements– and to stay alive. Our entire existence today, to be frank, quite literally is dependent on animal fur.

Fortunately, wearing animal fur is more of a fashion accessory than a necessary item in today’s world. They also have recently drastically improved in quality, style, and comfort, which is why we should embrace our heritage and wear truly remarkable fur pieces today!

One authentic fur garment that has been beloved for thousands of years and is one of the most classic options is the fur coat. Among them all, however, two of the most popular are fox fur and mink fur coats.

When choosing a new fur coat, we highly recommend either one of these options. But what exactly is it about these two that makes them so enticing? What are their benefits and what else should you know about them prior to purchasing? Let’s take a look at these points (and where you should purchase them!).

Why Get a Real Fox Fur Coat

Lightweight and Warm
Fox fur, even when used as the main material in a large garment like a coat, is extremely lightweight. Therefore, when wearing a coat made of fox fur, you won’t feel as if you’re carrying a heavy carpet on your shoulders all day! You’ll be comfortable as it’s so impressively lightweight.

But don’t worry– its lightweight feature doesn’t mean it won’t be warm!

Luxuriously Soft
When wearing anything made of fur, you want to make sure it’s soft– and fox fur leaves no room for doubt on this front. It’s so soft that it’s continuously labeled as “luxuriously soft.” And who wouldn’t want to drape themselves in a material like that?

Fox fur coats, for one example, don’t require many pelts: just 4-8 pelts! Because of this, the price range for authentic fox coats ranges from $800 to $2,000!

Why Get a Real Mink Fur Coat

Short Hairs and Lightweight
Mink naturally has short hairs, which means increased mobility and comfort for the wearers! Plus, they’re lightweight for even more desirable comfort.

Relatively Low Cost
On average, mink fur coats range from $100 to $10,000, depending on varying factors. However, one coat typically requires 50-60 mink pelts to complete, a much larger figure than fox garments.

Extremely Soft
Due to their short hairs and the way in which the hair shaft are constructed, mink fur is extremely soft to the touch. That way, you’ll enjoy every moment you spend in a mink fur coat!

Where to Get the Highest Quality Real Fur Coats
Now that you are undoubtedly planning on adding either a fox fur coat or a mink fur coat to your wardrobe, you need to make sure you’re purchasing it from the best source. That is certainly Maximilian, a company that only sells authentic, quality fur garments, from coats and jackets to scarves, gloves, and more! Give them a call today at 800-TLC-FURS.

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