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The Incalculable Draw of a Chinchilla Coat

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Fur coats are luxurious, beautiful, and practical – all of them. That said, each fur possesses its own unique qualities that make it worth owning. Fox fur is not very much like mink fur, for example. Fox fur is piled deep, is extravagantly rich and plush, and displays beautiful, often contrasting, guard hairs.

All furs have their own special draw, but there is one fur that stands alone for softness, density, warmth and beauty. Have you ever seen a beautiful fur coat that almost appeared as though the fur itself was woven of fine strands of silver? If you have, there’s more than a good chance you’re looking at a chinchilla coat.

What Is Chinchilla Fur

Chinchilla pelts come from a small mammal that is native to the Andes of South America. As you might imagine, it’s very cold there throughout the year, and these furbearers have marvelously thick coats. In fact, the fur of a chinchilla is among the densest furs of all. A singly follicle can sprout over 50, up to 60 strands of hair.

That means that a chinchilla fur coat is amazingly warm, but it says nothing of its suave nature or of its objectively visual allure. Chinchilla fur is also one of the softest and most comfortable furs that money can buy. The experience of feeling it is one to which no justice can be done with writing. It must be felt.

As to its visual appeal, words may be able to do some justice there. Rich, thick, and a beautiful dark gray that is actually much more like silver, chinchilla fur is a visual marvel as much as a practical cloak to stave off the elements.

The light plays with chinchilla fur in a manner that is exceptional and unique. It has a sheen and a shimmer that is unique to it, and it is beautiful on its own but its luster would not be lost in pairing with other complimentary accessories or even jewelry.

In short, a chinchilla coat makes use of one of the softest furs available, that happens also to be a very beautiful, high quality fur for insulation and charm. They’re immensely popular as well, which should come as no surprise. If you’re looking for a chinchilla coat yourself, that is all the more a testament to the preceding statement, and it’s no wonder why!

I’m Sold! Where Can I Get a Chinchilla Coat?

That being said, you might be looking for a chinchilla coat but aren’t quite sure as yet where you can get one. Good news is on the horizon – regardless of whether you’re looking for a full-length chinchilla fur jacket or just a shorter accessory jacket that makes artful use of this beautiful fur, there’s a highly reputable specialty supplier that is no more than a few clicks away. is a new website with classic history. Maximilian furs of Bloomingdale’s and The Fur Vault of Macy’s have come together and are now available online at the previous address. Customers who previously enjoyed the styling and class of these brands can now find them easily and conveniently in one place online.

That means that for those of you looking for a new chinchilla jacket or coat, you won’t need to look too far to find exceptional quality. It’s actually never been easier to find quality furs, especially for those who know where to look and what questions to ask of furriers and other specialists.

For your part, you can get in touch with the experienced furriers at by phone or email – simply give them a call at 1-800-TLC-FURS or send them a query at [email protected]. Buying a fur coat doesn’t be a harrowing process, and the specialists at Maximilian will help you select quality and style with poise and aplomb.

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