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Tie Dye Blouses Are More Stylish than You First Thought

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The actual process of traditionally tie dyeing is pretty impressive to watch. It essentially plays off of negative space with the dye only being allowed to soak into certain parts of the fabric and multiple colors are brought in to either layer or fill different sections of fabric. It is incredible to see how much can be done with this one technique. As beautiful as it is, a lot of us still associate that technique with one specific style of brightly colored tie dye T-shirts. Those shirts certainly do have their place in fashion, but we’d like to shine some light on other tie dye blouses this time around. These shirts have much more to offer our wardrobes than you may have realized.

A Fun Print
Tie dye is a fun design to see in all forms of clothing. It is a fun, punchy print that looks different every time you see it. At first glance, you might assume that tie dye blouses generally follow a particular pattern, but when you take a closer look at all of the blouses out there, you see there was always a diverse mix. It is an interesting design that keeps the eyes moving, looking at one color merging into another before fading out. The design is fun, artistic, and easy on the eyes. It is such a transformative print, that you might have seen some examples of tie dye without realizing what it was. When you move away from one particular cultural reference of it, you can really see tie dye for what it is and can be.

Plays Well With Others
Naturally, tie dye blouses are easy to style, just like many other prints. As long as you know your way around a patterned blouse, you should be able to pull together some everyday sort of outfits with tie dye tops. Wear them casually with jeans or to work with a pencil skirt and heels. What really matters when styling is the color story. You want to make sure that the colors you are wearing work well with the rest of your outfit. That could mean reaching for brighter colors if you want the rest of your outfit to be neutral, but it could also mean finding subdued colors so that the tie dye is subtle. If you look at tie dye blouses the same way that you look at other patterns like plaids and chevrons, you will probably find yourself pulling together looks almost intuitively.

Dress It Up, Dress It Down
If you never noticed tie dye finding its way onto high fashion runways, you might not have realized how much this design can be elevated. You can wear tie dye blouses mixed with other patterns like stripes but in the same or complementary colors. One look that is easy to style is a tie dye top with pants in one of the colors in the print. It’s simple but chic and entirely wearable. On the other hand, you can dress down your tie dye in casual, relaxed outfits. Wear an oversized tie dye top tucked loosely into your jeans and slip on your sneakers. Sometimes effortless is the look you want.

If you are already sold on the idea that you need tie dye blouses in your life right now, then you can go ahead and check out all of the styles that Advance Apparels has available. They are fans of tie dye, much like we are, and have plenty of options to choose from for tie dye blouses and tank tops. After browsing around, you might even want to explore other types of clothes in the same pattern like dresses, jumpers, and two-piece sets.

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