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From Tactical Gear to Elite Force to KWA Airsoft, MiR Tactical Has It All

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Airsoft players don’t always need the same gear and equipment all of the time. Sometimes you need a new battery and charger. Sometimes you need a new couple of canisters of CO2 and a big reload of airsoft BBs. At other times you’re looking to splurge some newfound funds on a brand new AEG or gas blowback pistol (GBB). Sometimes the product of desire is a new tactical vest where you can store all the necessaries you’ll be porting into the heat of a MilSim match.

For that, you need a supplier who can offer you more than just a bunch of airsoft gear. You need quality. You need dependability. You need variety. Most of all, you need expertise. That supplier is MiR Tactical.

A Wealth of Replicas and Airsoft Guns
First off, if you’re a new player or you’re just getting your feet wet, you’re going to need a supplier who has the goods and knows about them. Airsoft rifles are cool – especially airsoft sniper rifles – but when you already have an AEG what you need is an airsoft pistol to serve you as a reliable backup.

Some collectors really like airsoft replica weapons as well. Still others might train with airsoft replica weapons for law enforcement and military training. Whether you’re looking for a Glock Replica, an M16-styled AEG, or a pump-action, spring-powered airsoft shotgun, they have it.

A Bunch of Brands
One of the ways to assess the reputability of a supplier of airsoft products is by the names and brands they carry. MiR Tactical has one of the largest collections of brands in the industry, with fan favorites like Lancer Tactical, Elite Force, Tokyo Marui, JAG Arms, and KWA Airsoft well presented. They want nothing for variety, both in terms of the types of airsoft guns themselves and in their brands. Whether you’re looking for KWA products or a new Lancer Tactical AEG, you’ll find it right there.

Gas, Batteries, Chargers, Mags, Ammo, and More!
You know what makes a brand new, tuned up, and accessorized AEG useless? Well, you know what makes it basically useless? No battery, no charger, no mag, and no ammo. Slap the best optics and slings you got on that airsoft gun and she isn’t going anywhere without the essential essentials. MiR Tactical has not only batteries, chargers, and gas, but also mags, ammo, and everything else you could need to key in on performance with that brand new beauty.

Attachments and Accessories
By the same token, that shiny new sniper rifle (or more likely, that matte black sniper rifle) is not going to be as useful to you without a scope and a bipod. Those are only two of the attachments you could possibly make use of, but MiR Tactical has them, and plenty of options to choose from.

When you don’t need a scope, they’ll be ready with a red dot sight, and when you don’t have a tactical light they’re quick with the answer. Plus, they have slings, saddles, bipods, stocks, and all sorts of new accessories and upgrades for everything from Elite Force to KWA Airsoft guns.

Tactical Gear
Some players will also need tactical gear. You can’t get anywhere without knowing the lay of the land and having the tools to tackle the terrain. They have vests, camping equipment, and mess gear, backpacks, tactical attachments, knives and tools, lighting, fire-making equipment and so much more. You’ll never be on your own again with a partner like MiR Tactical.

Know-How: Call to Learn More
Finally, they have the experience to tie it all together. If you need a recommendation or some help shopping or just a touch of advice, they’re your team. Visit their website,, or call them at 800-581-6620 today.

For more information about Airsoft Store and Airsoft Accessories Please visit : MIR Tactical.

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