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Fujikura Shafts: About the Ventus TR Line

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Fujikura has done it again. From the makers of the Ventus series of Fujikura shafts now comes the Ventus TR, which redefines stability – again.

The Fujikura line of Ventus shafts has been highly regarded for stability and consistency, but the Ventus TR line takes that facet of their technology to a whole new level.

For golfers that know and love the original Fujikura Ventus line, there is good news. Much of what makes the Ventus TR great stems from the original technology embedded in the Ventus line.

For instance, these Fujikura shafts, like the originals, are also made with VeloCore technology. This is a multi-material bias core that maximizes shaft stability, even through transition and the point of impact.

This, in turn, increases clubhead MOI, which greatly improves forgiveness – while kickstarting clubhead speed and “smash factor” (energy transfer). What you get is a clubhead optimized for speed and power that is more forgiving on mishits, controlling shot dispersion.

The Ventus TR line is also optimized with unique proprietary technology in the form of Spread Tow carbon fiber that works in tandem with these shafts’ VeloCore technology to improve consistency, durability, and energy transfer.

In the TR line, Fujikura has made use of enso motion capture analytical technology. This motion capture system has enlightened the engineers at Fujikura that the shaft experiences its greatest stresses in the mid and handle sections through transition and during the downswing.

Fujikura took this information and optimized these new shafts with ultra-strong carbon fiber that resists deformation and enhances stiffness and stability – during these critical moments within the swing sequence.

Fujikura has also improved torsional stability in the mid and handle sections of these shafts, improving strength and resisting twisting during transition, through the downswing, and at the moment of impact.

Like the original Ventus line, these Fujikura shafts are available in three “colors” that correspond to shaft profiles.

The Ventus TR Red series, with the softest tip sections, offers mid-high launch profiles with controlled spin.

The TR Blue series, with an ultra-stiff tip section, offers superior control and delivers a mid-launch and low-spin profile.

Finally we have the Fujikura Ventus TR Black line which offers the stiffest profiles of all. These Fujikura shafts deliver the lowest launch and lowest spin profiles, suitable for players with the most aggressive swing speeds and tempos.

Want to Learn More About These and Other Fujikura Shafts?
It seems like every year, Fujikura continues to outdo itself. This is readily apparent in the new and improved line of Fujikura Ventus TR shafts.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique specifications of these shafts, or of the Ventus line from which they hail, visit Dallas Golf Company online at

They carry a wide range of Fujikura shafts, including highlights from the Ventus line as well as Motore, Diamond Speeder, and Fujikura Evolution shafts.

Check out their website today to learn more about them and get in touch with them if you have any questions at 800-955-9550.

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