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Kids’ Archery Sets: The Complete (but Brief) Guide

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One of the great joys of parenting is being able to teach your children all about the world and encourage them to pursue their passions.

Some kids love reading and writing. Some kids love theater. Some love sports. Others love the outdoors.

Some kids take after their parents and show an early interest in hunting and fishing.

If you’re a hunter with a little tyke that’s starting to show a keen interest in your love for the chase, maybe it’s time to start them off with a kid’s archery set.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Early Should Kids Start Practicing Archery?
There is no right or wrong answer to this, but many trainers and archers generally agree that 8 is a good age.

However – and this is important – it is not a hard recommendation. If you have a 6 or 7-year-old that has the strength, willpower, and interest, that’s not too early to start.

As long as you use age-appropriate archery tackle and teach the cardinal rules of safety, your discretion can serve as a guide.

Why Should My Kid Start Practicing Archery Early?
Archery, like any shooting sport, is a lifelong passion. It takes years, and years (emphasis!) to develop the skills to become a proficient archer.

The earlier they start, the more overall time they’ll have to really cultivate their skills.

It is, however, also important to get a bow and arrow set with a bow of appropriate draw weight and draw length. Getting a bow that’s too large will make it impossible for your youngster to learn, and if the draw weight is too high, it will be more frustrating than enjoyable.

What Should a Kid’s Archery Set Come with?
The purpose of buying a kid’s archery set is twofold. One reason is to get age and size-appropriate gear. The other is to bundle and save.

Archery sets for kids should of course come with a bow. It’s useful if they come with a few arrows, but not entirely necessary because often arrows included as parts of sets are relatively low quality anyway.

Some sets come with quivers (either bow, back, or hip quivers) as well as targets, sights, and rests or whisker biscuits.

A few sets come with arm braces or guards, shooting tabs, release aids, or archer’s gloves.

What Else Should I Get (That Doesn’t Come with the Set)
If the set that interests you does not come with the following, you will want to supplement the set by purchasing the following as well:

● Arrows: Arrows must be of the proper length and spine rating for the bow your child is shooting. Please consult an archery specialist to ensure your arrows are properly sized and spined.

● Archery target faces or blocks: Your set may come with target faces, but if not, get some, as well as archery target blocks. This may give you the freedom to practice at home where your child will be more comfortable.

● A shooting device: Some archers shoot using tabs or gloves, but most compound archers prefer trigger-activated release aids for their precision and consistency. These will encourage confidence.

● A quiver: Some prefer hip or back quivers but in all fairness, bow quivers are probably the most convenient option.

● Braces or arm guards: Many adult shooters have given up on archery from one too many experiences with red, painful bow arms. A brace will protect your child’s arm from the bowstring.

The following archery accessories are nice to have but you don’t absolutely need to purchase them along with the set. They can come later.

● An upgraded arrow rest: Upgrading your shooting rest or adding a whisker biscuit can improve overall accuracy.

● A stabilizer: Stabilizers can help the child stabilize the bow and will help develop confidence.

● A bow sight: Bow sights are not needed to learn the fundamentals of archery, but once your child develops proficiency, a bow sight can help them take their skills to the next level.

Where Can I Get a Kid’s Archery Set?
Looking for high-quality youth compound bows and kids’ archery sets from Bear, SA Sports, Genesis, and other leading brands?

Visit Live Outdoor Sports at They carry a huge range of shooting and hunting accessories, along with plenty of archery equipment for young archers. Most sets include kids’ bows and arrows, targets, and more. They also carry archery tackle for adults, including bow and arrows sets and recurve bows of varying draw weights and lengths.

Check out their website and get in touch with them at 602-264-3398 if you have any questions.

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