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Looking for TaylorMade Shafts to Upgrade Your Drivers? Consider These

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TaylorMade Golf Company is known for producing cutting-edge, best-in-class club heads, specifically driver heads like the SIM2, Stealth, and Stealth Plus.

High-performance driver heads like these should only be paired with the best golf shafts in the industry, and while TaylorMade drivers are typically paired with quality stock shafts, any given stock shaft will not afford the same experience to two different players.

If you love your driver head but are suspicious that a different TaylorMade shaft might offer you better performance, consider one of the following three shafts as a replacement or work with a professional for club fitting services.

Aldila R.I.P. Hybrid
Designed to match the performance of the Aldila R.I.P. Alpha Wood Series the Aldila R.I.P. Hybrid series of shafts offers Reverse Inter-Laminar Placement (R.I.P.) Technology that results in a stiffer shaft that offers next-level stability.

R.I.P. Hybrid shafts are light, thin, strong, and stable, and deliver low-launch and low-spin profiles, for consistent performance and tighter shot dispersion. If you’re a player with a fast, strong swing speed and a relatively fast tempo, the Aldila R.I.P. Hybrid series might offer something you’ll love.

Fujikura Motore Speeder
The Fujikura Motore Speeder Series utilized Quadra Axis Composite and Triax woven material, along with 7-Axis Technology, to create golf shafts that are strong, lightweight, stable, and consistent.

Enhanced structural stability ensures greater consistency and makes it easier to return the head more consistently to impact as well. These shafts encourage confidence and deliver consistently long and straight drives.

The Motore Speeder line is available in three shaft flex ratings (R, S, and X), all of which feature low torque ratings – 3.6 – and which offer mid to high kick points and mid-launch profiles and low to medium spin.

Fujikura FUEL 50
The Fujikura FUEL 50 Series of golf shafts utilize unique technology to “channel power through the shaft down to the club head.”

Fujikura uses a lot of buzzwords and hot language to describe the technology that underlies these shafts. Their official claim is that these shafts are built around FUEL R.O.D. Technology and contain a “Combustion Chamber” which allows energy to flow through the shaft to the “Fuel-Injector Tip,” for impressive loading and energy transfer.

Reviews from actual users may use less lofty language but praise is still high. Several reviewers have called it the “best” shaft they’ve ever handled, even remarking that the “ball explodes off the tee” on contact.

So, lofty language or not, these shafts (available in 4 shaft flex ratings) definitely deliver on the hype and offer consistent launch profiles and tight dispersion.

Visit Dallas Golf Company for More TaylorMade Shaft Options
Looking for new TaylorMade shafts for your favorite drivers? Whether these recommendations have caught your attention or you still want to feel out the market, visit Dallas Golf Company online at

They carry a wide range of golf shafts, offer a golf shaft fitting tool, and if you’re ever looking to work with professionals for golf club fitting services they offer them too.

Visit their website or contact them at 800-955-9550 for more information.

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