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MiR Tactical Will Keep You in Good Prices on Umbrella Armory Gear

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Umbrella armory is one of the most reputable producers of high-quality airsoft gear, especially with upgrades for customizations and performance. There’s a reason that airsofters around the country turn to Umbrella when the time comes for them to make upgrades, and it’s largely because of the company’s history of success.

In their own words, they only sell things on their own site (or brand it as Umbrella, for that matter) if they have personal experience actually using the upgrades they produce. In addition, many of their parts and accessories for upgrades and “teching” as it is called, are handmade according to the most precise of specifications.

Umbrella Armory produces parts like barrels, hop-ups, bearings, gearboxes and much more. It would be impractical to try to categorize everything that Umbrella Armory sells within the scope of this short piece. In addition to the parts they sell for teching and modification, they also produce batteries, speed loaders, magazines, chargers and much more. Ultimately, it’s a name you need to know if you’re into getting into what makes an airsoft gun perform and upgrading it or modifying it for performance.

If it isn’t a name you’re currently familiar with, it’s a name you need to learn. Whether you’re looking for a brand new barrel with their proprietary R-hop technology or a new high-torque motor for your AEG, Umbrella Armory is a name you can trust. Now there are two things for you to accomplish: You need to find a supplier that is stocked up with Umbrella Armory goods, and you need to learn how to make some of these upgrades!

MiR Tactical, at, can help with both. Visit their website today and it won’t take you long to find out whatever you’re looking for that’s been branded with “Umbrella.” Their online collection of airsoft guns and gear is one of the largest in their industry, and they’re no stranger to big brands like the former. In addition to all of their Umbrella parts and gear, they also carry parts and accessories for Hi-Capa pistols, in addition to a plethora of magazines, speed loaders, attachments, and internal and external parts for all different types of airsoft guns.

It won’t take you long to find whatever you need, and even if it does, their customer service team is there to help. They can also assist you with the latter half of the previous requirement, which is actually making those upgrades, repairs and modifications. Their team is extensively experienced in making upgrades and modifications to airsoft guns of all different types, and they’d be more than happy to walk you through the process or give you your options.

Want to upgrade an internal spring? Add a new bore with a tighter constriction? Tired of your old, mushy trigger and want a new one that travels less? MiR Tactical can provide you with the parts and the counsel to put that upgrade in the rearview – and it all starts with a visit to their website at

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