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Picking Out the Right Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

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Even though it is commonly known as “America’s pastime”, baseball has become a sport that is played around the world. Any true baseball fanatic knows that when the World Series ends it doesn’t mean that you have to stop talking and thinking “baseball”. It just means you have spring training to look forward to. Even if you don’t eat, sleep and breathe baseball you can still enjoy playing or watching the sport. Players with even the slightest baseball knowledge have probably heard of the well-known Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

Louisville Slugger has been making bats since the late 1800s when it was founded in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past two hundred years, they’ve developed an iconic presence in the baseball world. They spent years making high-quality wooden bats until they added aluminum and composite bats to their catalog. Although they added new styles and materials to their arsenal, the quality and care of all their bats stayed top-tier. If you are looking to purchase a Louisville Slugger baseball bat you need to make sure it is the right material and the correct size and weight. Also, make sure it is approved for the level of play that you need it for. Three common ones are BBCOR, USABat, or USSSA.

Wood, Aluminum, or Composite?
When getting your first Louisville Slugger bat, you want to choose a material that you are most comfortable with financially and athletically. There are pros and cons to each choice and all should be considered before making a commitment. A classic choice would be a wooden bat. If you choose wood, you have to think further about what kind of wood you’d like your bat to be made of. Options include ash, maple, bamboo, and many more. Wood bats are often used for training because they are a bit heavier and have a smaller sweet spot.

The other two options consist of composite bats and aluminum bats. composite bats need some time to break in before being ready to use in a game, but they have a much larger sweet spot for hitting long balls and leave your hands with less sting after hitting the ball. Aluminum bats are ready for immediate use and are much more durable and affordable however, they have a smaller sweet spot and leave your hands with a stronger sting after getting a hit.

Size and Weight
The next thing that is important to think about is the size and weight of the bat. When choosing the size and the weight you must first consider the size of the player who will primarily be using the bat. The size of the player matters because a bat that is too heavy or light for the user will dramatically affect their performance when they’re up to bat. When placing a bat upside-down on the ground, the knob of the bat should reach the center of the player’s palm. If the bat cannot reach to their palm, the bat is too short for the player to use.

To determine if the bat is the correct weight, you can have the player hold the bat handle and extend their arm away from their side. If the player is unable to hold the bat for 30 seconds, the bat is too heavy for them to use. No matter what material you end up choosing for your Louisville Slugger bat, it is critically important to have the correct size and weight of the bat in order to maximize the player’s performance potential.

Where to Get a Louisville Slugger?
If you know the material, size, and weight of the bat that you’re looking for then you are ready to purchase your Louisville Slugger baseball bat. For great prices and an amazing selection of bats and other baseball gear visit They are the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your baseball needs.

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