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Time to Re-Outfit the TSR Driver? These Are Some Good Titleist Driver Shafts

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Titleist TSR Drivers are and have always been the uncontested champions of low-spin launch profiles, and they only keep getting better.

For instance, the TSR4 is constructed from aerospace-grade titanium and offers new and improved features such as variable face thickness, SureFit Adjustability, and Adjustable Spin Control.

You know, “if spin is the enemy,” your driver should be a Titleist TSR.

But the truth is that the club head is only going to perform if you mate it with a Titleist driver shaft that works well with it.

Notably, shafts that also produce low spin shot profiles tend to perform best.

Here are some of the shafts that golfers who actually swing TSR drivers have suggested.

Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw Blue
The Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw Blue has been well-received as a shaft for TSR drivers.

Thanks in part to its AV (aluminum vapor) weave, the TENSEI AV Raw Blue offers a smooth bed profile that delivers mid-launch profiles and mid-to-low spin – perfect for a TSR driver.

The AV weave also offers stability and improves feedback and power transfer.

Which one’s right for you? That depends on your personal mechanics, swing dynamics, and speed, but some golfers have suggested the extra-stuff Raw AV Blue 65.

Fujikura Speeder Pro 64
The Fujikura Speeder Pro 64 offers decently smooth flex and produces mid-launch and mid-spin profiles.

So you might be wondering, what is it doing here on a list of Titleist driver shafts for TSR drivers that produce low spin?

It’s potentially more forgiving, which, as you know if you have a slower swing speed, can definitely be a good thing.

Don’t go with a shaft that’s too stiff and unforgiving for you just because you think your club needs one. You’re the one swinging them; not the club.

Also, if you need a slightly stiffer Speeder Pro to handle your aggressive swings, consider a Speeder Pro Tour Spec.

Graphite Design AD Tour VR
Some golfers also note that Graphite Design AD Tour VR shafts make a good match for TSR drivers.

Often the acronyms associated with these shafts connote construction; in this case, the “VR” stands for “Vanquish all Rivals.”

Cute, but what does the Graphite Design AD Tour VR actually offer?

They offer fast-taper-technology which can improve the overall feedback of the club, as well as firm-to-stiff handle sections and firm tips with softer midsections.

These features encourage mid-high launch angles which can extend range, but low spin profiles that can control shot dispersion – making them perfect for Titleist TSR drivers.

Get Fitted for a Titleist Driver Shaft
Not sure if any of these Titleist driver shafts is right for you or a TSR driver? No worries – you should get fitted by a professional anyway.

Getting fitted for a golf shaft is like getting fitted for a suit. You need your measurements taken and someone should have their eyes on you to see if the shaft matches the swing.

Professional golf club fitting services can help ensure you’re swinging gear that’s right for you, improving your game overall – not to mention your satisfaction with whatever purchases you make.

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