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What Can You Expect from DeMarini Batting Gloves?

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Fielding gloves are a staple of baseball and softball. You can’t play without them. It would be like trying to go up to bat without, well, a bat. However, not everyone plays with batting gloves, and the debate about them continues to this day.

Proponents of batting gloves say that they give you a lot more grip on the bat, which improves your ability to control your swing. They also say that a good pair of gloves will keep your hands a little bit warmer when temperatures dip and that a quality pair of gloves will lessen the sting of mishits, should they occur.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have players that are against playing with batting gloves because they argue the benefits above are not worth the tradeoffs. These players say that batting gloves, for what they’re worth, deaden your feeling on the grip and so diminish your sensitivity. Some even argue that the gloves can make your grip worse in certain situations, causing you to slip.

Proponents rebut these claims with the argument that though a little bit of fabric will take away some sensitivity, modern batting gloves, like DeMarini Batting Gloves, are made with ultra-thin fabric to cut back on this undesirable aspect. On that note, what does a pair of gloves from DeMarini bring to the table?

In keeping with the aura of quality that DeMarini has cultivated over the years, a pair of batting gloves like the DeMarini Adult Digi Camo II Batting Gloves that you can find at really hit it out of the park – both literally and figuratively.

A pair of these batting gloves provide excellent performance from the use of ultra-thin sheepskin leather palms. Sheepskin is naturally soft, supple, and flexible, so it is very comfortable, but it also affords an excellent grip on the bat. Best of all, the very thin leather that is used in these gloves gives players unprecedented feel and sensitivity on the bat’s grip.

Batting gloves, however, should offer more than just great grip and feel. They should also be comfortable and breathable, especially for players who need help staying cool in the heat of a game. These gloves are also made with ribbed spandex backs that are comfortable, flexible, and breathable. This further enhances the comfort and practicality of the gloves.

For a little bit of extra durability, the back of the glove’s hand is covered with a silicon overlay. Silicon, which is light, strong, and basically impervious to the elements, adds structure and strength to the whole package while supporting the gloves’ ergonomics.

If there’s one more thing you could ask from a pair of DeMarini Batting Gloves like these, it would be for them to come with a heaping measure of swag. These gloves are available in a range of colors in digital-camo pattern, with bright contrast and appeal so that they really pop. If you’re a fan of gear that really makes its mark, then these gloves are really firing on all cylinders.

That’s the type of quality you can expect from DeMarini, not only in batting gloves but in their other gear and equipment. If you’re one of those who are in the camp of getting a pair of batting gloves because you see the value, all you need to do is find a place to get them!

Visit HB Sports at and take advantage of their great prices, excellent selection, and peerless customer service. They have these DeMarini gloves for sale, along with other excellent DeMarini gear, but if you still have questions or would like a recommendation they’d be glad to help with that too. Just give them a shout at 1-888-540-BATS.

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