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Sampling the Nicotine-Free Vape Pods Available Online at Cyclone Pods

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We get it. Nicotine is addictive and is widely considered a harmful chemical that can cause or aggravate an equally wide range of medical conditions. If you want to keep vaping, it’s best to choose a nicotine-free vape pod system.

That just leaves you with bold flavor and cloud chasing – if you can find it. That’s what the nicotine-free vape pod system, the Thunder device, available online at Cyclone Pods ( offers. Here are some of the top flavors for you to try.

Popular Nicotine-Free Vape Pods 
Cyclone Pods Thunder device and the nicotine-free vape pods it uses contain double the e-liquid of a JUUL and are leak resistant. They’re also available in a wide range of bold, popular flavors including the following.

● Mint: Looking for a cool, refreshing blast of menthol that will introduce you to whole new levels of “chill”? Try a Mint Starter Kit from Cyclone Pods!

● Mango: Unique, fruity, sweet, and sensational, mango is a must-try tropical fruit flavor for the Thunder device.

● Watermelon: Classic, sweet, and perfect for summer. Now’s the perfect time to try a watermelon vape liquid (nicotine-free!) if you’ve never done so before!

● Raspberry: Raspberry is another great summery flavor and a good raspberry vape liquid (like Cyclone Pods’) will be ripping with flavor.

● Strawberry: Classic, common, but not overrated. Right on the money. Refreshing, sweet, and fruity. What more could you ask for?

Other Unique Nicotine-Free Vape Pod Flavors 
The flavors mentioned above are top-sellers on Cyclone Pods’ website – but they also offer many, many other nicotine-free vape pod flavors for their Thunder device. These are some of the more interesting highlights.

● Vanilla: Smooth, savory, and sweet; just like a vanilla cookie, this is the perfect nicotine-free vape pod for those with a sweet tooth and a weak spot for baked goods!

● Tobacco: Done with smoking but not with the satisfaction of a long drag? Try Cyclone Pods’ tobacco-flavored nicotine-free vape pods for the Thunder device.

● Bold Tobacco: When “plain” tobacco is not enough, go bold. It’s strong, savory, and satisfying.

● Guava: Why try basic tropical fruits – like kiwi, pineapple, and mango – when you can go full-bore exotic with the sweet and satiating notes of a plump, juicy, guava?

● Banana: Simple but sweet, and a rarity in the world of nicotine-free vape juices.

● Coffee: Need a pick-me-up without the jolt of either nicotine or caffeine? Then the bold, smooth, yet powerful flavors of a coffee-flavored vape liquid are for you.

● Nicotine-Free Grape Pods: What’s more classic than a powerfully flavored grape vape juice? Cyclone Pods’ nicotine-free grape pods are bursting with flavor and long-lasting.

Nicotine-Free Vape Pods That Are Formulated to Be Superior
Interested in getting into vaping without nicotine? The Cyclone Pods’ Thunder device use pre-filled, leak-resistant pods that are nicotine-free as well as diacetyl and vitamin E acetate-free.

Why choose a vape system that has no nicotine or any of these additives? The first reason is health – nicotine is well known for the adverse side effects it can cause. Still, there’s another reason that’s just as good.

Adding nicotine into a vape juice blend – grape-flavored or otherwise – takes up precious space. You still have to make room for VG and PG, and of course, flavor.

In Cyclone Pods’ pods and vape liquids, there’s no nicotine – which means there’s more room for PG, VG, and natural and artificial flavors.

The result? Nicotine-free grape pods (and other flavors) that are ripe and stuffed with flavor, and which can produce bigger, thicker, more voluminous clouds.

That’s their main secret. Discover the difference online at and get onto a vaping experience that’s simply better.

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